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Munkhbat Finds His Way

The difficulty of losing a parent is surely at the heart of Munkhbat’s personal problems.When he was just 2 years old his father left his family of 6 - his mother, older brother and sister as well as 2 younger siblings.It was a house full, and without a father it was a tremendous burden for his mother to care for all of them. So in Munkhbat’s own words he tells us, “My life was terrible from as early as I can remember.” Now at age 18, he does not blame his mother because he recognizes that she dedicated her life to raising her children. She tried but there was just never enough because her primary work was selling socks to small businesses and working as a cleaning person. Though she was committed and faithful to her family, neither of these jobs paid well. It was difficult to meet the needs of her children.

When he was 8 years old, he found work helping the driver of a microbus or van. These vans carry up to 12 people and a helper collects the money for their fare…hour after hour you travel the city. Sometimes people are not so happy because the van is overcrowded and perhaps some of the riders also have great difficulties in their lives.He did this for 6 years. This provided plenty of time and opportunity to connect with many types of people but he found himself attracted to those who were engaged in unhealthy lifestyles. Munkhbat found himself walking in ways that he now knows were not good and it led to life of crime. He was stealing often and he was working with others finding ways to steal even more. Of course, his plan backfired and he was caught by the police. In June 2016, he found himself in court, but because he was still a minor, the court had mercy on him. Instead of prison he was given a suspension for one year, monthly probation, and in June of 2017 he will go back to trial. The fate of that moment is yet to be determined. Perhaps the goodness of God has protected Munkhbat and he has a new opportunity to find his true purpose in his life.

Today he recognizes the grace he has experienced and he wants to take advantage of this and humbly walk a different road. Munkhbat is the first one to say that this is not easy but he does not want to give up.He has a new mission: to change and adjust his attitude…we believe he’s positioned himself for that to happen, because 5 months ago he committed to be part of Bright Future, an Orphan's Promise-sponsored project in Mongolia that ministers to at-risk children.

Amazingly, Munkhbat learned of Jesus Christ and made a commitment to him almost 5 years ago. Somehow that did not bring the transformation he needed. About one year ago, he rededicated his life to Jesus and now he wants to be a disciple. He said that after meeting with Boloroo, our project manager, and her staff he feels God’s love. He also recognizes that OP has an important part in helping us with Bright Future. He knows that even though he has sinned, God has remained faithful and good to him and he is developing a heart of thankfulness.

Now his desire is to go to barber school so he can help his mom and family. OP is ready in 2017 to make that happen by funding skills-based training for our Bright Future youth. Now he is living in housing that we help provide. This is the year for Munkhbat to make a comeback that once looked impossible until God and His people intervened.

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