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Jackets To Fight The Ukrainian Winter

More than 80 orphans from Ukraine were warmed up and surrounded by love thanks to our incredible Orphan's Promise partners. Ukraine is experiencing its coldest winter in 15 years, and the ground near Mariupol trembles from explosions of the cruel war. The orphaned teenagers from “Pilgrim Republic” felt warmth in both their bodies and souls, having received really nice winter jackets from America. Thanks to this incredible gift, the children realize they are not alone and that their Heavenly Father takes a good care of them through His church.  

Mariupol Charity Fund "Pilgrim" is implementing the largest rehabilitation project in Ukraine for children and adolescents in difficult life situations. They are homeless street children, many of whom are addicted to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. There are also many HIV-infected children, orphans whose parents have died, and social orphans whose parents are unable to support and educate their children properly. Every day, in the youth rehabilitation project, about 70 teenagers from the most difficult and complicated walks of life receive love and healing thanks to Orphan's Promise. 

Thanks to the generosity of Orphan's Promise donors, 43 winter jackets for the boys, 45 winter jackets for the girls and 10 jackets for their parents were purchased and given to the students in Mariupol. They are very thankful for the support and possibility to be in warmth in this frosty winter! It is a great blessing for them!

Tatiana, one of the staff workers of the center, writes: “There were enough jackets to provide for all of our kids. It is a real treasure! I'm not exaggerating! Thank you so much for helping our students to feel warm! We pray a special blessing to everyone who provided this gift! Thank you again for seeing our need and taking action! Thank you so much, dear friends! We are praying for you!" 

When you give to Orphan's Promise, you give hope. 

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