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DVD Adoption Info

A Chance to Live Again

George and Caroline Harnden are no strangers to adoption. Already parents to five biological children their hearts knew there was still room for more and adopted six more children. When Jessica first came to their home she was just three years old. Her previous home severely neglected her at birth, at times letting her go days without food. When she first came to them her communication was delayed and at age three was only speaking like a one-year-old. But now, through the love and care of her adoptive parents, Jessica is 16, healthy and thriving!

Re-homing Problem Has An Answer

Re-homing is a new buzzword that refers to the alarming practice of people who have indulged in international adoptions only to find out it’s more than they can handle. They feel trapped and out-of-control in their ability to parent wounded, traumatized children and so they find someone else who wants them. Through on-line postings and other illegal methods, they are given up to unqualified people, some of whom have had their own children removed from them due to their inability to parent correctly.

A Place Called Home

A place to belong – a safe nurturing haven where you are valued and loved… this ought to be the birthright of every child.  Unfortunately, and for numerous reasons, millions of children around the world are alone and without family.  Why is this so important?  Because “family” is where we “become,” where we are taught to dream, and where we learn to love ourselves and others.  It’s the most basic foundational unit of society.

A Single Step

Ever have one of those ideas pop up in your brain that seem big? Almost TOO big? TOO crazy? You have no idea how it would even work or how you would even begin? Perhaps you think you don't have the skills, knowledge, or abilities? All I can say is you're definitely not alone. I think anyone who has a heart to do great good in this world - anyone who has a heart to follow Jesus with ALL their heart, soul, and mind - most often feel inadequate when passion comes knocking on their soul.

Adoption Begins With Us

Last weekend Orphan’s Promise had the privilege of exhibiting at the Together for Adoption national conference. The theme for this year’s conference was “God’s Story of Adoption for a Broken World”. The heart of the two-day event was to take Christians to a deeper understanding of God’s work of adoption within the world and how it encompasses all of human history starting with ours.


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