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Restoration in Ukraine's East

DSC_0052_1As warfare continues rage on in many parts of eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian military has set other cities that were once war zones free. Sloviansk, a city where OP has done much work over the years, was one of the hardest hit cities. Now that the pro-Russian separatists have fled, people are returning to their war torn city and surveying the loss. The destruction is immense.

Baptisms Bring Joy!

We have been reporting on our project with the Roma Gypsies in Ukraine living at the base of the Carpathian Mountains in a very rural, desolate setting.

They are the happy recipients of a bath house and septic system that we are building along with helping them to reinforce and winterize their homes. We have been working with them for the past three years, training kids and for the past six months doing several community projects.

Progress In The Gypsy Camp

A wonderful report has come in from a Project Manager In Ukraine who is helping with the Gypsy programs there; SEED Project and the building of the bath and toilet facilities for this community of 5,000. Imagine, no toilets or bathing facilities for all of those people! The bath house building is progressing very well. We have a professional crew of 4 people and a head master and all the support work is being done by locals (they are also learning from the professionals at the same time). The atmosphere in the settlement is very positive.

Another Girl Again

I had to laugh when I received this little piece of cultural information from the Krause's who live and teach in an orphanage we support in Zambia:

Ronda – "In the Zambian Culture...  and Botswana as well, when a child is born and is the same sex as the last several children in the family they are named accordingly. In Botswana, a boy might be given the name Hosimonihopi....meaning "another boy again". We know a girl in Macha whose name is Nchumuna meaning 'another girl again".

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