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Botswana Babies Returning Home

Khwai is a village in Botswana of around 700 people.  The village has a large population of teen moms who are struggling to raise their babies in the village.  Because of their struggles, the teen moms often do not keep their babies and instead send them into the city of Maun to be cared for by others – sometimes grandmothers or sometimes friends that are willing to receive their child. 

On a recent trip to Botswana, our training team became acquainted with the unique needs in the village of Khwai, and wanted to provide assistance to see that things could change for the better.  Our team is working with a national advocacy group who has a local woman wanting to make a difference in her community with the young mothers.  We are thrilled we could encourage her and do several things to help bring about change in this community.

As a result of our training team making the visit to the village, Life Skills classes are now in the local woman’s hands for using with the teen moms- this was something that was a great need.  Additionally, the local woman will conduct training classes for the young mothers – something that will be ongoing.

We have put into action a plan with the local team to work on micro-enterprise for the young moms – as they have the potential to sell beautiful native baskets to traveling safari groups.  This micro-enterprise will start with training classes on many different fronts – leading to micro-enterprise events and training.

Also, our training team put into action a plan for seeing the babies and school children to return to the village.  Our team is not doing this alone – but served as a catalyst for conversations that would help put steps in place to see the reunification of children to their families – and for a sustainable program/process to keep children in the village with their parents.

We are excited about these developing projects, as the training in Maun doing Trauma Informed Care has opened the door to making a huge difference for over 70 children who are separated from their families. This is about to change and we are thrilled to be a part of this.

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