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May 27, 2014
Now that warm weather is FINALLY upon us, the cold winter months are fading from our memories. But in Gyumri, those freezing cold months continue for some time without the benefit of firewood and warm housing. Little Arman gets warm. This past January we gave firewood to many of the families we serve with our program of "Warm winter". This year winter has been very frosty. We have several families that live in the basement (cellar) of a building, or in small iron huts. It is very hard to buy firewood as they have no money. We visited a family where we heard that little boy of 4, Arman is not...Read more
May 07, 2014
A city determined to hang on Our Orphan's Promise Team recently returned from the strife and turmoil that has become Ukraine. I could not believe the differences I saw. . . Kiev is a beautiful city with old world charm. Maidan Square is at the center of the city and is a lovely mix of old and new. On any pleasant sunny day, you would find artists with easels in place, painting while displaying their finished work for sale. Terry & Nataliya in Maidan The videos I had seen on the evening news of the violence and turmoil that had taken place there late last year did not prepare me for the...Read more
May 05, 2014
Conference turn out was excellent! I recently returned from Ukraine where the strife and heartache of their civil disruption is cause enough to check on our people and projects. We did have another reason, however. We were attending the Orphan’s Promise bi-annual conference to help adoptive and foster parents work on strengthening their families and providing the support they need. This type of work brings many challenges in any culture, but here it is an even bigger challenge. Many of the families that attend are very poor and live in rural communities where there is none of the support...Read more
April 23, 2014
Ten-year-old Faa has never met her mother. Her father is in prison. When she was just one day old, her grandparents, Pongsee and Chert, began caring for her. They are the only family Faa has known. Faa’s grandma, Pongsee, told us, “I needed to take care of her. I never thought to take her to an orphanage.” Faa loves her grandparents and told us, “I love her like she is my real mother. She has a good heart; she gives me everything I need.” Faa and her grandmother preparing food. And yet Faa’s grandparents struggled to support her and her stepbrother Mek. They earned a meager income through...Read more
April 14, 2014
There is nothing that is quite as disturbing to the soul as when male and female children are trafficked for sexual exploitation. Thankfully, there are many ministries and organizations working worldwide to fight this horrific tsunami of degradation. Orphan's Promise has dedicated massive efforts and funding to work in conjunction with our ministry partners to help using the following principles: To take children from unsafe, unstable situations to a place of safety and thriving by providing shelter, food, education, medical care, life skills training, and spiritual development. We are taking...Read more
April 07, 2014
Every orphaned, displaced and neglected child yearns for a safe nurturing home, filled with love and kindness. The home that 32 Shan children share is no different; it is a home run by one of our ministry partners in Thailand. When many of these children first arrived at this Christian home in Northern Thailand, their young lives had been shattered by violence, fear, and the tragedies of war in Burma. Now they have found a safe haven where they can find love, security and hope for a brighter future. Orphan’s Promise provides ongoing monthly support to purchase food for these precious Shan...Read more
January 28, 2014
Thanks for your interest in our TV special. You may have seen it on a local cable channel, or if you haven’t, you can watch it right here! It’s all about the children – those who’re waiting, those in need of basic care; food, clothing, shelter, safety from predators, skills training, medical help and more. Watch Now…Read more
January 03, 2014
Outreach Summary / December 2013 Dear Friends and Family of Orphan's Promise. We wanted to share some of the highlights in this past year with you. I'm amazed at what God has done with a handful of people and the generosity of folks like you! Formed in 2005, Orphan’s Promise has worked in 61 countries and has ongoing work in 50 countries. We serve over 100,000 children annually. 2013 Highlights Local Christmas Outreach : In December, Orphans Promise reached out to PB Young Elementary school in the Young’s Terrace Housing project in downtown Norfolk, VA. We provided jackets, scarves, hats and...Read more
December 29, 2013
Nataliya, our Director of Operations with some of the children. Santa came early to deliver a special Christmas gift to the children, as well as the teachers, at Norfolk’s P.B. Young Elementary School on December 18th. P.B. Young is one of the poorest schools in Virginia. The gifts were new, warm, winter coats, mufflers, hats, gloves and a long-sleeved shirt to keep the 540 children who walk to school each day safe from the cold. Along with the clothing were 540 goodie bags containing candy, toiletries, pencils and the latest DVD from CBN’s Super Book project. The hard-working teachers were...Read more


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