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August 24, 2015
Dear Friends of Orphan’s Promise, Can you believe we’re more than halfway through 2015? God has been so good to Orphan’s Promise and I see His hand at work in over 100 projects we support all over the world. While I could go on and on about each one, I’d like to tell you about an exciting new project that we’re partnering with in Africa that’s not only focused on the immediate needs of children today, but is building a firm foundation for the future. Orphan’s Promise has come alongside a local ministry in Mozambique to build a children’s village where orphans and vulnerable children can...Read more
August 04, 2015
We travel south to a land that boasts of alpacas and the Amazon River, and is also home to one of the wonders of the world – Machu Picchu! With nearly 30 million people, Peru is the 4th most populous country in South America and home to
 a growing work of Orphan’s Promise outreaches! Did you know? 40% of children in Peru are living in poverty. 81% of the nation is Roman Catholic, but the influence and superstitions of Peru’s indigenous people, the Inca, are also pervasive. The Global Slavery Index 2014 estimated that there are 66,300 people in modern slavery in Peru, and the trafficking of...Read more
August 04, 2015
I love visiting our projects! I get the opportunity to see children experience promises kept all over the world and it changes my life every time. Peru is a country filled with opportunity! This opportunity gives hope and provides love. Orphan’s Promise is taking advantage of every opportunity by being available to do just that. By partnering with local churches, we are providing thousands of Peruvian children the chance to rise above their circumstances and become all God has created them to be. Through our training centers, children are learning daily what it means to be loved by their...Read more
April 08, 2015
Dear Friends of Orphan’s Promise, The flowers are in full bloom here in Virginia, so that must mean that spring is finally here! Where does the time go? It’s always a privilege for me to pause, reflect, and share with you about the work that Orphan’s Promise is doing around the world. I am truly humbled and amazed that God has opened the door for us to be working in over 60 countries this year! Instead of telling you about all of the locations we are working in, I would love to share with you about just three of the nations where we are making an impact in the lives of orphans and vulnerable...Read more
December 15, 2014
Today I met a little girl and her grandma as they stood in line to get bread in Krasnogorivka. As I bent down to see her face I was met in return with these piercing blue eyes. I told her they were angelic, and then learned that her name was Angelina. Apparently I was not the only one to have seen the face of an angel in this girl. She couldn't have been more than 9-years-old, and yet her angelic eyes reflected signs of the war her childhood has already seen. There was a piercing sadness behind those beautiful eyes, a sadness I so desperately wanted to remedy. I handed her a candy, which...Read more
October 16, 2014
Nestled in the heart of central Asia and lined with snow-capped mountains at every bend, Kyrgyzstan is a country filled with magnificent beauty and breathtaking views. Yet looking beyond the country’s natural beauty you find a third of the population living in poverty, and social orphans living in institutions as a result of alcoholism and neglect. Close to 22,000 children are social orphans in Kyrgyzstan and between 5 and 6,000 reside in state run institutions. In a country of only 5 million, this is a significant social problem. During a recent trip to Kyrgyzstan I met up with Janybeck, one...Read more
October 03, 2014
A Vietnamese girl and her sister at the deaf school Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be unable to communicate with the ones you love most? Or how it would feel if you were unable to hear or speak, while others viewed you like you were intellectually impaired or a burden on society without any potential? During a recent visit to Vietnam, I began to reflect on these questions after I had the privilege of meeting some incredibly intelligent and gifted people who are deaf. They have opened my eyes and my heart. Orphan’s Promise has the privilege of partnering with three...Read more
August 15, 2014
Psalm 68:5-6 gives me a glimpse into the caring heart of our loving Heavenly Father - “ A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families. ” I have had the blessing of growing up in a warm loving family. I believe God intended this for all children, but I also realize this is not the case for many. After spending almost ten years living in Asia, my heart breaks for the children here who are being “orphaned” and separated from loving families at a very young age and placed into institutional care, often with parent consent, because...Read more
August 12, 2014
In May 2008, Cyclone Nargis ripped through the Irrawaddy Delta region of Myanmar. There was widespread destruction with thousands of people estimated to have tragically lost their lives. Not long after the disaster, Orphan’s Promise connected with a ministry partner to establish a much needed preschool in the devastated Irrawaddy region. This was greatly appreciated by the community. In Myanmar, preschools are rare in rural areas and often a luxury that only some in large cities can afford. Many schools in the Irrawaddy area were flattened and washed away during the cyclone. Establishing a...Read more
August 07, 2014
As warfare continues rage on in many parts of eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian military has set other cities that were once war zones free. Sloviansk, a city where OP has done much work over the years, was one of the hardest hit cities. Now that the pro-Russian separatists have fled, people are returning to their war torn city and surveying the loss. The destruction is immense. Homes, apartment buildings, schools, businesses and orphanages have all suffered devastation do to bombings and gunfire. The process to rebuild will take a lot of time and require money that these people do not possess...Read more


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