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July 11, 2016
Editor's Note: In the coming days, OP Sr. Producer Shirl Catindig will be sharing her experiences in Africa, giving us a glimpse into the incredible work that God is doing through Orphan's Promise and our donors. Be sure to follow along for these 'behind-the-scenes' thoughts and stories from Shirl! Today my videographer and I got our first look at a brand new project Orphan’s Promise will be dedicating in a few days: Project Nyame NSA’s Village of Hope in Ghana, Africa. The facility is brand new, with top-notch construction and is very practical for fostering children. Unlike many orphan care...Read more
July 05, 2016
As we move through the summer months, we want to give you a few snapshots of the work we're partnering to do all around the world. In many countries, we have staff on the ground and operate our own facilities to serve children and families in need. We've found that in other areas, it makes the most sense for us to link arms with like-minded organizations and use a partnership approach to tackle the work that needs to be done. One area where we have a strong, effective partnership in place is in Nicaragua, where we support the work of Orphan Network. They have an incredible 'transition program...Read more
June 30, 2016
NOTE FROM TERRY: Dear Faithful Partners, Your prayers are powerful! I am happy to report that Sasha is making a remarkable recovery after his surgery several weeks ago. Thank you so much for your prayers and generous gifts that helped to save Sasha’s life! You have been the hands and feet of Jesus to this young man who has no real family of his own. I cannot say thank you enough for your support. I know that God has big plans for Sasha, and you have played an important role in his story. I am very excited to share a letter and some updated photos with you below that I recently received from...Read more
June 27, 2016
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11 Orphan’s Promise recently embarked on a new God-adventure to bring hope to a seemingly forgotten people in the war-torn nation of Ukraine. Some of the most vulnerable children on earth can be found in the villages of the Roma people, a gypsy population mired in a vicious cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and public shame. The hopelessness found in the hearts of these precious people sticks with you for a long time. Working with them, we’ve come...Read more
June 23, 2016
Vo Van Hieu is a 14-year-old boy who lives not far from an Orphan’s Promise-supported vocational training center in the Hoa Vang district of Da Nang city, Vietnam. His father abandoned the family when Hieu was born and Hieu only met him once when he was 8 years old. When Hieu was 11, his father died of cancer. For years, Hieu’s mother has made a living pushing a cart around Da Nang city, hired by anyone who needed a cart to transport material. He and his mother struggled daily to have enough to live and enough money for Hieu to go to school. Hieu’s mother first came to the training center...Read more
June 22, 2016
In 1970 I began wearing a POW/MIA bracelet for Major Ted Gostas, who was being held captive in a North Vietnamese prison. When you agreed to purchase and wear a POW/MIA bracelet, the commitment was that you would agree never to take it off until the soldier whose name you wore was either released or declared officially deceased. That war in Vietnam was a painful, divisive event in our country’s history. The aftermath of this war left a trail of bitterness for years to come. One of the highlights of my year as Miss America in 1973, was seeing Ted Gostas arrive back home after years of torture...Read more
May 12, 2016
URGENT!!! Help to Save Sasha’s Life We need your urgent help to save Sasha, a Roma orphan in Ukraine who needs a life-saving medical procedure. Before getting sick, Sasha was full of life and joy. Although he grew up in an orphanage, then faced the extreme poverty that so many children in the Roma (Gypsy) community in Ukraine experience, he had a special smile and light in his eyes. After being part of one of our training programs for several years, Sasha returned to work in the soup kitchen for Roma children and give back to those who gave him so much. Now he lies critically ill in a...Read more
May 12, 2016
On a recent trip to the Republic of Georgia I had the privilege of meeting 16-year-old Maria. Maria is a little shy and yet has this smile that radiates such joy. Upon meeting her you wouldn’t known that just a few months prior she did all she could to avoid smiling. Maria’s father died when she was a baby, and her mother was left to raise 8 children on her own. Maria’s mother always worked hard to provide for her family, but with so many children living on just one income, it was never enough. 2 years ago Orphan’s Promise began a partnership with a local church in Maria’s village to meet the...Read more
February 09, 2016
We recently traveled with a group of partners to visit several of the projects we support in Peru. In the guest post below, Kaley Caperton shares her experience visiting the Children’s Village of Hope in Iquitos during her personal “Fruit of the Spirit Challenge.” When I woke up yesterday I began to think "What angle do I approach Goodness?" Do I try to be good? Do I look for good? How does goodness come about? We landed in Iquitos around 12 and headed straight to the district of Belen. Poverty, broken homes, children running around the street with nothing to do, trash everywhere, dogs that...Read more
January 04, 2016
Friends, 2015 was a special year as it marked 10 years of ministry for Orphan’s Promise! It’s amazing what God has done over the last 10 years. Through His faithfulness and provision we’ve gone from one training center in Ukraine to now working in more than 60 countries, serving well over 100,000 children annually. Here are some highlights from this past year. In Ukraine , we continue to run, expand and multiply Training Centers for graduating orphans, the successful template project started 10 years ago that has been replicated not only throughout the different regions of Ukraine, but also...Read more


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