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July 18, 2016
Who knew that something as simple as soap could rescue a single mom and her 3 children from the absolute poverty of a Kenyan slum? Soap. Ann was a desperate single mom who pretended to be crippled in order to beg money from tourists. She would sit on the sidewalks of a busy street and send her three small children to separate corners to beg as well. Her children were identified as potential students for a new school that was opening in her slum, Hope School. What an appropriate title, because this family needed hope. While her children attended Hope School, Ann received from the same ministry...Read more
July 18, 2016
They say a pic is worth 1,000 words. Today I found two pictures that could render you almost speechless. The juxtaposition of the two images I shot today keeps rattling around in my head. Smiling school children next to a young teen spaced out from sniffing glue. What’s the difference between these lives? Intervention, mentoring, education, motivation, consistency...Jesus! Children in both pics live in the same impoverished community in Nairobi, Kenya. But the school children are receiving life-changing help through a local outreach called Missions of Hope International. This is a new...Read more
July 17, 2016
Today we took one last trip out to Village of Hope. I stepped out of the van and immediately felt two little arms around my waist. It was one of the twin girls - Paulina. It's our fifth time here and I can tell the girls apart now... Paula wears earrings, Paulina does not. Paulina has a slimmer face and is more outgoing. The four sisters and their new foster sister love to hang out with me while we are shooting video. A few moments later I see Edward with his bright eyes and big smile. The machete wound on his foot is healing nicely. Today is the first day he doesn't have a dressing on it. I...Read more
July 17, 2016
Today we took a rare day away from video production in Ghana to go to Kakum National Park. (Although my videographer elected to stay in Accra and shoot city scenics, video I'm excited to use in a future story.) It was to be a long bus ride but I heard mention of a canopy walk among the trees, which sounded intriguing. reality it was a hike to a swinging rope bridge. Well.....7 swinging rope bridges! We brought a group of donors with us - amazing people who had come from the U.S. to celebrate the opening of Village of Hope, a foster home supported by Orphan's Promise. After a...Read more
July 16, 2016
The Village of Hope is about 90 minutes away from where we're staying, so on the drive back and forth each day, we've had a lot of time to chat and 'debrief' from the day's activities. I’d like to tell you that we have some deep theological discussions during this time, but that’s just not true. More often than not the deep, philosophical question is simply, “How on earth do they do that?” We are usually sitting at one of the few stop lights, and it’s for an extended period of time. As we look out the window, we are mesmerized by the women who are carrying goods on their heads… big metal...Read more
July 15, 2016
I dipped my hand in orange paint today and pressed it onto a concrete wall in Ghana. It was part of the celebration as we dedicated Village of Hope, a housing project started by Project Nyame Nsa and supported by Orphan’s Promise. The name, “Nyame Nsa” means the “God's Helping Hand”… quite appropriate as the children and adults joined in decorating the wall with orange handprints. Of all the things these children can grasp here, one of the most important is that God’s hand goes before them and is upon them. During the ceremony worship time we sang the song from popular Christian artist, Chris...Read more
July 14, 2016
Today we drove nearly two hours to a small remote village to see the place where God birthed a vision in a young girl. Ntukhum (En-Took-Um) is the place where a young girl named Devon fell in love with the people of Ghana. Though she lives in the U.S., Devon's heart has been in Africa most of her life. “Even when I was a little girl I talked about building an orphanage in Africa,” Devon says. “I can’t ever remember a time when it wasn’t part of me.” That dream is becoming reality now as she is in Ghana to dedicate a new facility for orphan children… a project called Village of Hope, supported...Read more
July 13, 2016
Editor's Note: This is the 3rd in a series of blogs from OP Sr. Producer Shirl Catindig, who will be sharing her experiences in Africa, giving us a glimpse into the incredible work that God is doing through Orphan's Promise and our donors. Be sure to follow along for these 'behind-the-scenes' thoughts and stories from Shirl! Click here for the Previous Entry A FISH STORY You know the old adage: give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime? Well, today we saw a new take on that old saying: send a boy to school and then to University to study how to breed...Read more
July 12, 2016
Editor's Note: Orphan's Promise has partnered with Collector Productions Owner and The HOPE Project Producer, Ryan Meadows, once again to produce the sound of freedom for the children of Kenya. In this series, Ryan will take you on his journey to meet these beautiful people and collaborate on an incredible music project. Proceeds from The FREEDOM Project will go towards furthering educational opportunities for orphans in Kenya. Look for the project this spring! First things first, let's begin with a lesson on Swahili, shall we? I'll keep it simple. One word. Freedom in Swahili is Uhuru. Try...Read more
July 11, 2016
Editor's Note: In the coming days, OP Sr. Producer Shirl Catindig will be sharing her experiences in Africa, giving us a glimpse into the incredible work that God is doing through Orphan's Promise and our donors. Be sure to follow along for these 'behind-the-scenes' thoughts and stories from Shirl! A Precious Mother's Love Just a short entry today after a long day of production and visiting with the new families here at the Village of Hope. I shared with you yesterday about the 4 sisters who had been given a new family, but today I got to spend some time with their new mother, Precious. After...Read more


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