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December 10, 2009
BERDYANSK - I thought you might enjoy a first-hand report from the field. This was written by one of the workers in one of our Training Centers in Berdyansk. It’s a little glimpse of the day-to-day work that goes on there: There are courses provided in the center and 40 kids attend them systematically. We are thankful to the Lord for our kitchen. The cooking course became very popular as the students attend it with great pleasure. There were two meetings the last week, so we learnt to make a tart “Earl’s Ruins” and cooked a dessert “Ice- cream with Fruits”. All girls and boys were active in...Read more
November 16, 2009
INDIA - India is a land of “Too Much”; too many people, too much poverty, too many orphaned children, too much starvation, too much sickness, too any uneducated children and adults -- it can seem overwhelming. On a recent trip, we saw the aspect of “too much”, but we also realized the potential that is here, waiting to be discovered. India is a country of great beauty and startling contrasts. Driving through the streets is an assault on the senses; the sights, sounds, images, colors, people, animals, smells. It’s a country like no other. The people are like people in any country however, they...Read more
November 12, 2009
HAITI - As women, aren’t we always looking for the perfect pair of shoes? Well, we found them, they’re CROCS. Crocs are those funny, rubber, wear-anywhere things you can slip on with or without socks with the wearability of a pair of Goodyear tires! Their durability plus the above stated reasons, make them perfect for countries like Africa or Haiti. Recently, the nice folks at Crocs donated an entire container load and Orphan’s Promise paid to ship them to some orphan ministries that we work with in Haiti – they’re a perfect fit. You can slip bare feet into them, and they will protect them...Read more
November 02, 2009
IZMIR, TURKEY - Mysterious, colorful, rich in history… plagued with poverty! The people are beautiful but you can see the strain of daily struggle written across their faces. This is a Muslim nation where humanitarian aid is not accepted from Christian churches. Yet, amazingly, God is opening doors for us in this unique part of the world. Orphan's Promise learned of a low income, Kurdish neighborhood in Izmir called Limontepe. Working with a local Christian church we were able to provide backpacks filled with school supplies and food for the children who live in this impoverished area. I wish...Read more
October 16, 2009
Let me share a funny story with you about this trip. Working on the road can be hazardous; you’re out in the middle of nowhere, usually miles from a paved road, public restrooms, forget restaurants and familiar food! We landed in a small, bush plane on a dirt road for an airstrip. The natives were in the trees, literally watching us come in. It was market day, so we had lots of company. I shared a room with a young woman and when I say room, I use the term loosely. At night, you get a lightstick, which is a fluorescent wand that helps you navigate the total and utter blackness you find...Read more
October 14, 2009
On a recent trip to South Africa we met with two different local ministries in the Mpumalanga area that we have been working with for quite some time. We’ve helped them build dorms to house orphans and, we’ve helped provide food and clothing for them as well. On this trip we were able to meet the kids whose lives were literally saved because of these efforts. We were so happy to see what has already been done, but even more excited about the future opportunities there. In both places there is room for expansion and our desire is to help both ministries to become more self-sustainable. Helping...Read more
October 12, 2009
A pastor in Houston, TX donated two, much-needed school buses for their facility and Jeff and Pastor Earl went to TX and drove the buses down to Puerto Cabezas -- it only took 2 weeks! I’m trying to wrap my mind around 2 weeks in a school bus driving along the types of roads and middle-of-nowhere areas they must have encountered. Whew! Jeff says that when he returned, he was greeted by 37 boys with great big smiles who couldn’t wait for him to see all the changes they had made in their house while he was gone. They are so grateful to have the new beds that OP has provided, that they were...Read more
September 17, 2009
KIEV, Ukraine - I'm in Ukraine. Yesterday we celebrated the new school year opening in our first Training Center in Kiev. There were some returning students, a couple of whom shared. Quote from Lena, a 16 year old girl: "I used to just go to school because that was a thing to do, but in the Center I was challenged to ask the "why" question. I think I found my future profession- I will become a graphic designer. The funny thing- I got so good on computers that our Informatics teacher in school (computer literacy class) has asked if I would help her to get up to speed!" There are about 200 new...Read more
July 10, 2008
BOGOTA, Colombia - As I sat looking through the airplane window at the majestic mountains of Colombia, I kept thinking about God’s beautiful creation. A boy smiles despite the conditions that surround him. The scenery stretched beyond the horizon as the plane climbed higher and higher into the sky. As I took in the view, different images started flooding my mind of the places we had just been to visit. I thought of the dilapidated shacks that are hard to call houses. There were hosts of them, one next to another, as far as the eye can see, no matter which direction you looked. There were...Read more


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