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January 10, 2017
Holy Cow!! I’ve always wanted to legitimately open a blog with that. Let me set the scene. Mrgashat, Armenia -- We are walking from our Orphan’s Promise training center to a home we refurbished for a very poor family. Clang Clang Clang. On my right, a Cow with flowers on it’s head, and a bell around it’s neck… walking down the road with us. I have to laugh. It’s so absurd. This is a small farming village with mostly dirt streets, lots of old wooden structures, many homes in disrepair. It’s very beige . Then these colorful flowers. The Cow is a surprise gift we’ve bought for this very needy...Read more
January 01, 2017
Scott Pouncy is part of Rock Of Hope Ministries in Romania. We have been partnering with Rock of Hope for two years. Through our partnership, we are helping to provide transitional housing to vulnerable young women who age out of the orphanage and have nowhere to turn. In the apartment, they get to experience the love of a family, learn life skills, and be discipled as they grow in their relationship with Christ. When you work with young ladies from turbulent backgrounds like we do, you start to notice certain patterns in their stories. However, sometimes you hear one that surprises you...Read more
December 27, 2016
"What do you want to do after college," I asked her. I didn't know that simple question would lead to a moment that so deeply touched my heart. "I want to be a voice for justice for these kids." She was talking about the kids that were hanging out around us. We were walking through one of the worst slums in all of Nairobi. It's where she grew up and we were shooting her story. Her name is Jecinta and she is 20 years old. Amazingly she had risen above all the surrounding poverty because someone reached out to her and got her into school at age 4. In fact, she was one of the first 50 children...Read more
December 12, 2016
Popasnaya, UKRAINE - Nikita’s father died a few years ago. Then the war came. Bombings, worries about his family and then the sudden death of his mother brought terrible stress for the boy. He was crippled by exhaustion and constantly lived in fear. Nikita used to cry at night. He was afraid to sleep by himself, but in his dreams he would run far away from it all to a safe place where no one or no thing could hurt him. His 64 year old grandmother had to sit at her grandson’s bed all night long and calm down the panic attacks until he fell asleep. He never slept very well. Nikita felt tired...Read more
December 11, 2016
Vinnitsa, UKRAINE - Lyuda grew up with five siblings and loved her mother and father dearly. When she was only 8, however, Lyuda's mother passed away. Neighbors all said that her mother died from alcoholism, but the girl refused to believe that, and used to make up stories that her mother died from a serious illness. To make matters worse, Lyuda then lost her father at the age of 11. All the siblings were separated and sent to different orphanages. Lyuda missed her family and felt lost without her parents. One year after entering the orphanage, she was taken into foster care by a woman...Read more
November 22, 2016
November marks National Adoption Month and it also happened to coincide with our 4 th bi-annual Strengthening Families Conference for Foster and Adoptive Families in Ukraine. “I came here a broken and weary vessel, and am going home restored” were the words of Oksana, one of the adoptive mothers who attended the weekend event with her husband. For 3 days about 100 Ukrainian couples who are parenting a combined total of over 600 kids, were able to take a much-needed break and work on strengthening their own marital relationships and gain needed skills to better parent their children who have...Read more
November 21, 2016
Sarojini lives with her parents, Annadura and Kidha, in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India. Her father, Annadura, worked as a construction laborer for many years, providing the the family’s only livelihood. Her mother, Kidha, is a home maker. A few years ago, Annadura left for work one day, just as he had many times before, but he did not return home. When he wasn't home late into the evening, Sarojini and her mother became worried. One of their neighbors came and found them, delivering the bad news, that Sarojini’s father was injured when he fell from the third story of a building while working...Read more
November 06, 2016
Karen Springs, Regional Project Manager for Eastern Europe, CIS Countries and Middle East Projects reflects on a special young boy whose life was changed through our Keeping Families Together program. Upon walking into a children’s home in eastern Kyrgyzstan, a little round-faced boy quickly grabbed my attention. He was no more than 6-years-old and I learned he had only been living in the orphanage for a couple of months. He appeared sad, stuck close to the adults, and appeared out of place. When I inquired about the boy and why he had come to live at the children’s home, a story quickly...Read more
October 27, 2016
Editors Note: Orphan's Promise partners with NightLight to minister to victims of human trafficking throughout the Asia-Pacific region. In this story, names have been changed and faces have been blurred in order to protect identities and prevent reprisals from the traffickers. Please pray for our work to combat this very dark industry where men, women and children are bought and sold for a few dollars. We met Tish at a Beauty Shop in May. Tish is Cambodian, but grew up in Thailand. At the age of 7 her father forced her to leave her home in Cambodia and come to Thailand to live with her...Read more
October 10, 2016
Mounika and her family live in Mothinagar area in India, near the Orphan's Promise Prabath Nagar Community Development Project center (CDP). She is a bright, beautiful girl, but only studied through 7th grade due to family problems. She dropped out of school and later married when she was just twenty years old. Mounika is a home maker, cleaning the home and taking care of her family. She and her husband have one young son, who is two, and they live in the Warangal district of Telangana State. Mounika's husband works as a car driver and the income he earns is just not enough to make ends meet...Read more


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